Educate your workforce to protect your Business & Information

A cyber aware workforce reduces the likelihood of potential data breaches. Train, Evaluate, Repeat

Security Awareness & Compliance courses

Meet cyber security compliance requirements while educating your workforce

  • Short animated video lessons
  • Quiz for evaluating the level of awareness
  • Certificate of completion
  • Dashboard for organization
  • Easy reporting

IT Security Awareness

A formal cybersecurity awareness training for the workforce will enable the team to understand the information security policies and procedures, and take actions based on the best practices, which will protect the organization against the changing the threat environment .

PCI Compliance & Cardholder Data Security

An annual PCI compliance awareness training or Cardholder Data Security training will enable the users to understand the importance of cardholder data security and the procedures that are required in protecting and handling Cardholder data. 

ADHICS Compliance & Healthcare Data Security

Provide ongoing ADHIC compliance & Healthcare Data Security Awareness to the users in your organization. The ADHICS security awareness will educate and strengthen the workforce and enforce security techniques, tactics and procedures which are required to prevent and reduce any chances of compromise. 

ISO 27001 Compliance & Security Awareness

People form a major part of any organization. A security-aware workforce is required for ISO 27001 compliance as they form the frontline defense against most cyber threats. Security awareness training will certainly improve the security behavior and bolster cybersecurity which will drive the organization towards ISO27001 compliant. 

PII & Privacy Awareness

The privacy and PII awareness training focuses on ways to protect personally identifiable information. Privacy laws and regulations are gaining tractions these days, and hence privacy awareness training is very important to any organization handling personal information.

Easy As 1…2…3…

Cywareness converts the complex cyber security awareness program management to an easy activity for the HR / Information Security management.

  1. Register the Account & Signup users
  2. Assign courses to the users
  3. Users attend the courses and quiz



Compliance standards mandate security awareness to be provided to all workforce members periodically. Cywareness provides a number of courses that are focused on compliance and cyber security.

Business requirements

Securing the organizational information assets and ensuring the privacy of personal data is key driving factor for businesses today. Cywareness provides the platform for continuous training and evaluation.

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